boe_moi (boe_moi) wrote,

Friends only


Alright, you know the drill.
Comment to add me and I'll add you back.
This journal is English.
It would be nice if we had at least 3 interest in common :] 

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I was looking for Belgian people on LJ, and I see we have a few interests in common (mainly Japan and anime, lol)
May I friend you?
You're into pokémon and cats! I am adding you! :3
I've seen you on a few comment clubs and I adore your poupee (I am starfish if you are wondering XD) so I decided to take a look at your LJ~
It seems you like The IT Crowd and The Mighty Boosh, so we have a few things in common :3 May I friend you?
Haha :D Sure. I'll add you back. ~
Oh, and you're from Belgium?! By any chance are you going to Groezrock? XD
Alas... I am not. I have no money for any festivals or gigs, which is kind of sad. ^_^;;
That is sad, because Belgium has the best festivals ._.;
hello :)
Annelien hier ^^ added youuuu.
Added you back :D
Zie je het zitten voor morgen?
Friends? (a)
Lol Ik zie het totaal niet zitten voor vandaag. XD Sorry dat ik nu pas antwoord. Was hardcore bezig met die examenvragen te proberen op lossen en had mij afgezonderd van teh internetz
Had ik beter ook moeten doen ^^;
Maar om de een of andere reden heb ik toch het gevoel dat dit examen beter zal gaan dan de vorige, omdat ik de vorige keer de helft van Satyricon niet begreep ^^; (ik haat dat boek echt ZO erg)
Ik was gezakt op het vorige. Dat was echt gigantisch fail omdat ik ook zo maar dat ding voor de helft had gemaakt. Fail!
Lol. Lees nooit Don Quichot. Ik snap de belangrijkheid voor de toekomstige roman maar het boek was zo kut D':


11 years ago


11 years ago


11 years ago

Hey! I hope you don't mind me adding you! I think we should support each other in our lack of ALan Rickman from today's premiere! =p (And I also checked your profile, because I'm a creep like that, and noticed we had much more that 3 interests! hihi!)
No I don't mind. I'm a really boring person though. XD Adding you back <3
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